Vintage Size Guide

Vintage sizing differs widely across the decades and are not comparable to modern uniform garment sizes as items were often made to measure and even mass produced items were often tailored for fit.

Items from different decades also fit differently. For example pre-40s garments often have no or only very small side openings so you will need to allow for extra room in the measurements to slide the garment over your head. Items from the 1920s should fit loosely, so we would recommend that you are at least 2” smaller than the garment measurements.

Please note that all measurements given are the measurements of the garment itself, measured on the outside. You will need to be smaller than those measurements to allow for movement, ability to put the item on and take it off as well as to accommodate other clothing underneath in the case of coats and jackets. To ensure a good fit, we recommend comparing the measurements given to those of a similar garment that fits you well.


We take measurements as follows:

Bust - measured from pit to pit across the peak of the bust

Waist - at the thinnest point of the garment

Hips - 8” below the waist seam

Shoulders - seam to seam unless otherwise stated

Length - from the shoulder to the hem or waist to hem when appropriate


Items that are larger than our dress form may be pinned to fit. We aim to pin the garments to represent the shape and fit as accurately as possible. Please refer to the garment measurements and do not rely on the size of the dress form or the pinned images for sizing or fit. Please feel free to contact us if you require unpinned images of a garment and we will endeavour to take these for you.

We do not offer refunds or returns based on size or fit. Please check all measurements carefully and don’t hesitate to ask for additional measurements or advice on fit before purchasing.


Size Conversion Guide

For the convenience of our international customers, we have shown below an approximate conversion of our measurements from inches to centimetres.


Bust, Hips and Length 

30" 76.2 cm
32" 81.28 cm
34" 86.36 cm
36" 91.44 cm
38" 96.52 cm
40" 101.6 cm
42" 106.68 cm
44" 111.76 cm
46" 116.84 cm
48" 121.92 cm
50" 127 cm


Waist and Skirt Length

22" 55.88 cm
24" 60.96 cm
25" 63.5 cm
26" 66.04 cm
27" 68.58 cm
28" 71.12 cm
29" 73.66 cm
30" 76.2 cm
31" 78.74 cm
32" 81.28 cm
34" 86.36 cm
36" 91.44 cm
38" 96.52 cm
40" 101.6 cm



13 1/2" 34.29 cm
14" 35.56 cm
14 1/2" 36.86 cm
15" 38.1 cm
15 1/2" 39.37 cm
16" 40.64 cm
16 1/2" 41.91 cm
17" 43.18 cm