Layaway, Reserves and Payments in Installments


We offer reserves on items for up to 2 days. Reserves are only available 48 hours after the item has been listed.

If you would like to reserve an item for a longer period, a non-refundable deposit will be required.


Layaway is available on all items over £85. 30 and 60 day layaway terms are available based on the value of the item you are purchasing. Layaway on items valued between £85 and £200 is available with a 30 day term of 2 equal installments. Items over £200 qualify for a 60 day term with 3 equal installments.

Please contact us through our website or via Instagram to request layaway and we will set up separate layaway listings for you. The final payment will include the shipping cost to your chosen location. Please let us know where you require the item to be shipped to when requesting layaway.

In case of all layaway plans, 20% of the item value (part of the initial layaway payment) is non-refundable in case the buyer changes their mind.