We will always send your item by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, Parcelforce or another similar courier so that we are able to track your package and confirm safe receipt.

Please always ensure that your address details are correct at the time of purchase as we will be unable to refund items sent to the wrong address. Please note that we will only dispatch an item once payment has been confirmed and never before, therefore certain types of payment such as echeques will incur a delay as we will wait for the funds to clear.

In the event that an item is returned to us through no fault of our own we will give you the opportunity to have the package resent, however you will be expected to bear any additional costs.

Please note that Royal Mail will not send items recorded to an international PO Box number and that if you ask us to send to such an address and your item gets lost, you are still liable for the cost of the item and its postage.

The purchaser will be expected to pay any local taxes and customs charges that may apply to an item and Black Sheep Antiques will always declare the item's value as the original purchase price.