Environmental Credentials

We care about the environment and do all we can to operate and ship in an environmentally conscious manner.

Of course, wearing vintage clothing is one of the best ways of recycling in and of itself. We work hard to repair our items and make sure they can continue to be worn for a long time, avoiding unnecessary waste and the need to produce new textiles. We are always happy to advise our customers on how to best care for our garments in order to preserve their longevity.

We ship in recyclable plastic or cardboard packaging and reuse whichever materials we can. We comply with our legal obligations regarding packaging removal by participating in the LUCID system.

To recycle our packaging in Germany, please separate cardboard and paper from any plastic materials and place in the applicable bin as follows:

Cardboard and paper including green packaging tissue: blue bin

Plastic envelope and invoice sleeve: yellow bin

Please ensure you either retain or shred and dispose of any invoices securely to protect your confidentiality.